The cognitive neuroscience of how we remember and why we forget

In the Kuhl Lab at the University of Oregon, we study how the brain enables our ability to remember and the factors that underlie our tendency to forget. We use fMRI combined with powerful analysis methods that extract memories from the neural activity patterns they evoke.

About Our Lab

How do we bring past events back to mind? Why do some memories endure while others fade? Our research addresses the cognitive and neural mechanisms that guide and shape our memories.  We are a lab in the Psychology Department at the University of Oregon. Learn more about the research, people, and opportunities within the lab.


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Lab News


New post doc

We are pleased to welcome Ghootae Kim to the lab after completing his Ph. D. at Princeton!


Potential Graduate Students

We are looking for graduate students for the 2017 school year. If you are interested in UO’s program you can get more information here.


New Graduate Student!

Maxwell Drascher is a new graduate student at the UO and has joined the Kuhl lab. Welcome Max!